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Orders + Payment

Q - This store looks different from what I'm used to. What's going on?

A – You're observant! We redesigned our official Airstream store as Airstream Supply Company and filled it with tons of stories and products that we know you'll love. From Airstream apparel and accessories to camping and outdoor gear that'll level up your travel experiences, there's something for everybody at Airstream Supply Company. If you need help with something related to the previous store, please drop us a line at [email protected]

Q – Can I trust you with my payment?

A – If you’re an Airstream shopper who just wants some peace of mind, minus the jargon, all you need to know is this: your payments are safe with us. We take handling your personal information, especially payments, very seriously.

Q – What are my payment options?

A – We don't think you should be limited. So currently, we allow shoppers to pay with all major credit cards and select digital tenders.

Q – Can I place an order by phone?

A – We don’t take orders via phone at this time. However, our Customer Service team would be happy to take your call and help you place your order through our website.  Customer Service: 937-596-7985 (M-F 8:30-4:00 EST) or [email protected]

Q – Can I order a gift for someone else?

A – Absolutely. Just make sure the delivery address on the checkout page reflects your giftee’s information. (And by the way, awesome choice! They’re going to love it.)

Q – Can I buy an Airstream gift card on this site?

A – Coming soon!

Q –Do I need to create an account to place an order?

A – No, you don't need to create an account to place an order. However, creating an account can make your site experience and the checkout process more convenient.

Delivery + Returns

Q – Can I make a return online?

A – Sure! Head over to our Return Policy for more details on our simple return process.

Q – Can I return an item in-person at the Airstream Factory Service Center?

A – If you’re in the area, you’re welcome to stop by and make a return. Go to our Factory Service Center, and we'll get you taken care of.

Q – Can I return a gift?

A – Yes! As long as you have the order number and that order qualifies for returns according to our Return Policy, we’re happy to process your return. We can help you exchange your gift for another item from our store, or we can give you a form of store credit to use at a later time.

Q – Which shipping carriers do you use?

A – We primarily provide shipping with UPS, FedEx and USPS, but we occasionally use other carriers if necessary for your shipment.

Q – Do you ship internationally?

A – Yes, we do! To have one of our goods shipped internationally, check out our Shipping Policy for further details.

Q – I'm so excited about my order! When will it arrive?

A – Once your order has shipped, you should receive an email containing your order tracking number and a link to track your order. Bonus – if you’ve created an account, you can also track your order after signing in by heading to “My Orders.”

Q – SOS! I Never received the item I purchased. What now?

A – Have you checked your delivery tracking? If your tracking says your package has been delivered, and you still don’t have your package, please contact our Customer Service team. Customer Service: 937-596-7985 (M-F 8:30-4:00 EST) or [email protected]

Q – Whoops. I received a damaged or incomplete order. Can you help me?

A – We can absolutely help you. We're really sorry there's an issue with your order. Please reach out to our Customer Service team.

Q – Can I buy these products when I visit the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, Ohio?

A – We have good news and great news. The good news is that some products on our site are also available for sale in the gift shop at our Service Center. The great news is that our Heritage Center and expanded gift shop coming in 2019 will offer even more! Make sure your notifications are turned on to stay updated.

My Account

Q – I forgot my password! What do I do?

A – Hey, no sweat. Just head over to the login page and click the “Help! I forgot my password” link to get started on changing your password.

Q – I want to hear more/less from you. Where do I change my email preferences?

A – Sure thing. Just head over to “My Notifications” to choose how often you want to be updated with our newsletters and promotions.


Q – How can I sell my products through Airstream?

A - We'll let you know shortly! In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team for any inquiries.

Q – Do your Goods promise adventure?

A – That's probably not a promise we can legally make. But we’ll look into it.

Q – Where can I purchase an Airstream?

A – Head over to to learn more about our travel trailers and touring coaches. There, we can put you in touch with your nearest dealer, so you can have an Airstream of your own to go with all your new Goods.

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