Airstream Supply Co. Issue 004: Skywatching

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Inspiring adventures from here to the stars

This month, Airstream Supply Company goes in search of the darkest skies, the best grill for your Airstream, and plenty of Earth-friendly accessories. 

From Airstream Supply Company

Our ancestors lived and died by the passage of the sky overhead. They timed the preparation of their fields, the planting, and the harvesting of food to major astronomical events. Rituals and ceremonies were synchronized to the celestial clock. The survival of those who came before was written in the skies.

Today, we're remarkably removed from that connection to the heavens. We may be able to identify the Big Dipper and name the planets, but it's just as likely we've never laid eyes on a nebula, a globular cluster, or a comet. In this age of immediate everything, skywatching can seem too cumbersome, requiring too much patience, too many mosquitoes (or – depending on the season – not enough heat making its way to your fingertips), and too little excitement.

The big secret: Skywatching is as easy as stepping outside on a clear night.



The great thing about the night sky is that you can explore it from anywhere on the globe (barring weather, which none of us have any control over). With that accessibility in mind, this month Airstream Supply Company dives deep into the infinite, inky pool of the night sky. We follow a photographer hell-bent on getting a unique shot of The Great American Eclipse, tag along with an Airstreamer who turned his silver bullet into a mobile astronomy lab, and visit with an astronomer-artist who spreads the word that "Half the Park is After Dark."

We've also scouted the United States for the best places to find the darkest skies, as well as space-themed attractions to occupy your time during daylight hours. Check it out in this month's Round Trip feature: Dark Skies, USA.

Historict models. People who shaped an icon. Caravans that traversed the globe. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 1.22.24 PM

Created in partnership between the Airstream Corporate Archives and Pop Chart, this exquisite art poster charts the history of the world's most iconic travel trailers. 

Own a piece of Airstream history today.

Made specifically to hook up to your Airstream's onboard propane system

You can't use most conventional gas grills with your Airstream's onboard propane system without a special conversion kit. Airstream worked with Weber to create a grill that's compatible with your onboard propane system and ready to go out of the box. Just hook it up and get grillin'.

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