Adjust-A-Bowl Soft Cork Bowls

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Adjust-A-Bowl Soft Cork Bowls


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Cork is an abundant natural and renewable resource, and Bambu® is a company devoted to building products using sustainable resources like bamboo and cork. Their cork bowls are stain-resistant, water-resistant and machine washable! Bambu® Adjust-A-Bowls can be shaped, folded and modified for whatever you want to put in them, and will get softer and pliable over time.

AIRMKT eCom Bambu _DSC5208 2 WEB

Available in 3 sizes:  

Large is 10” in diameter, Medium is 8” and Small is 6.5”.

Hand wash and wipe dry, or machine wash and wipe dry. Cork fabric is antimicrobial, waterproof and stain resistant.  Made without glues or lacquers.

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