Leveling and Chocking Essentials Bundle

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Leveling Kit

Leveling and Chocking Essentials Bundle

Lynx Levelers: 10 Pack
Wheel Chocks by Valterra
Wheel Chocks by Valterra
HossPad RV Jack Pad
HossPad RV Jack Pad

While we wish every campsite was perfectly level, the truth of the matter when it comes to setting up a level Airstream in your campsite is that every site offers its own challenges. Be sure you're ready for every campsite condition and save with our exclusive Leveling Kit bundle of essential accessories. We've included a 10-pack of Lynx Levelers for under your tires, and two sets of Hosspad leveling pads for under your jack, but we love these products for a variety of uses.

A Collection of Essentail RV Leveling Accessories in One Convenient Bundle

Two sets of Hosspad leveling pads, a set of Lynx Levelers, and four wheel chocks – save with our One-Click Bundle, or buy a la carte to customize to your needs.

Leveling Kit

What's Included:

  • Two sets of four HossPad RV Jack Pads
  • One set of 10 Lynx Levelers
  • Four wheel chocks (two pair)


HossPad RV Jack Pad

The HossPad is a three in one leveling agent. Use HossPad levelers for jacking, leveling, and parking. Made from recycled rubber, the HossPad is versatile and useful in a variety of situations. The first composite recycled rubber pad that provides both absorption of vibration and insulation from the ground, preserving the comfort, quality, and longevity of the tire while conforming to the imperfections in the ground creating a stable, vibration-reducing platform to jack you trailer on. With the maximum weight capacity 500 psi per pad you can be sure that the Hosspad will exceed your needs. One of the most versatile levelers on the market.

Lynx Levelers 

Strong and durable, Lynx Levelers are the perfect solution for setting up camp in a less than level situations. Featuring 10 interlocking blocks that can be stacked in a variety of ways, Lynx Levelers are a versatile piece of every Airstreamer's RV tool kit. Made in the USA and easy to use, Lynx Levelers come in a pack of 10. Comes with nylon storage bag.

Wheel Chocks 

An important safety accessory, wheel chocks keep your Airstream firmly in place wherever you set up camp. We've included four wheel chocks in this kit – shop a la carte and add more to your cart if you require.

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