RV Black Tank Maintenance Essentials

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Black Tank Maintenance

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Black Tank Maintenance
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RV Black Tank Maintenance Essentials

Tissue Digester by Thetford
Holding Tank Deodorant by Aqua-Kem
Grey Water Odor Control
Drain Valve Lubricant by Thetford

It's the subject no one wants to talk about but everyone has to deal with: your Airstream's black tank. It's an essential component that provides access to one of the most basic comforts of home, and keeping it as clean and sanitary as possible goes a long way toward an enjoyable camping trip. Luckily, with a little experience, a couple easy solutions, and the right products to help maintain sanitation (and your sanity), the black tank in your Airstream Travel Trailer or Airstream Touring Coach will provide its essential service for years without issues.

Our One-Click RV Black Tank Maintenance Kit brings together four products we've used for years, drawn from miles of travel and the advice of Airstream owners, ambassadors, and other experts. Keep your black tank in tip top form and ensure your next camping trip goes off without a hitch.

A Collection of Essentials for Maintaining Your Airstream Black Tank

Holding tank deodorizer, tissue digester, grey water odor control, and drain valve lubricant complete this four-piece black tank maintenance kit. Save with our One-Click Bundle, or buy a la carte to customize to your needs. 

Black Tank Maintenance

What's Included:


    Grey Water Odor Control

    Grey Water Odor Control is a sink and shower additive for grey water holding tanks. Preventing offensive odors in drains and vents, this liquid also stops grease build-up. In order to protect valve seals, this product contains no chlorine or solvents. Approximately 1/5 bottle will effectively control odors in a 40-gallon grey water holding tank.

    Drain Valve Lubricant

    Ensure that your drain valves close completely and never stick with Thetford Drain Valve Lubricant. Versatile for both grey and black water tank valves, the specially-designed formula prevents sticky valves, loosens stuck valves, and restores operation. Can be used for normal lubricating procedures or to aid sticky drain valves.

    Holding Tank Deodorant by Aqua-Kem

    Aqua-Kem Holding Tank Deodorant is an effective odor control for your Airstream’s sewer system. It works so well cleaning and eliminating odors that it's secured a spot as the #1 selling holding tank deodorant. With superior waste digestion, it cleans tank walls and drain lines keeping your system clog-free. When disposed of properly, this liquid is 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe.

    Tissue Digester by Thetford

    Thetford’s tissue digester is formulated to dissolve toilet tissue in holding tanks. Safe for all waste treatment systems, it keeps drain lines clean and free-flowing by preventing tissue build-up and clogging.

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