Airstream Leave It Beautiful Clean Up Kit

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Airstream Leave It Beautiful Clean Up Kit


“Wherever you camp, wherever you stay, leave it cleaner than when you arrived. Not just as clean, but cleaner.” – Airstream founder, Wally Byam

Those words ring as true today as they did when Wally wrote them down over fifty years ago. As Airstreamers, we are closely connected with the natural world. We camp and hike in our nation's forests, deserts, and mountains. We travel the highways that crisscross our country. And we've surely seen the trash tossed to the wind, caught in the roots of a tree or a roadside fence, or floating in an otherwise pristine stream. Our world needs protectors, and every little contribution is felt in a big way.

At Airstream, we take environmental awareness seriously, and we've made it our mission to Leave it Beautiful. That phrase is not just a marketing campaign – it's a reminder that together we can make a difference. It's a call to action to pick up that litter, not simply step over it and pass it by. Our Leave it Beautiful Clean Up Kit makes it easy for you to take action when you see an opportunity to leave the world better than you found it.

AIRMKT eCom Leave it Beautiful LIB IMG_6185 WEB


  • 3 trash bags
  • One reflective vest
  • One set of gloves
  • Small bag of doggy trash bags
  • Trash grabber
  • Canvas bag

“You may object to cleaning up the other fellow’s dirt, but there are so many messy people in this world of ours that those of us who are clean have to do a little extra work to keep the place fit to live in. Don’t begrudge the little extra labor – it won’t take long and you will feel better for having done it. And in so doing, you will build up the reputation of trailerites. And make it easier for the fellow coming behind you." – Wally Byam  

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