Airstream Sealant Kit

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AIRMKT eCom Adseal Premium Quality Sealant Adhesive Variable Kit 41423 WEB

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Airstream Sealant Kit


No matter your project, this Airstream Sealant Kit has everything you need to get the job done. Each kit comes with a selection of sealants for a variety of needs. A can of Acryl-R Seam Sealer allows for fine beads of gray sealant, while a tube of AdSeal Premium in gray allows for a thicker bead of sealant. Also included are tubes of AdSeal Premium sealant in white (for roof components) and black (for the Airstream underbelly).

The kit includes an applicator head for easy use. Save 15 percent off the regular price of individual items by buying all five in this complete kit.

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