Airstream Teak Shower Mats: 16RB (2004 to Mid-2012)

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Airstream Teak Shower Mats: 16RB (2004 to Mid-2012)


Made from Burmese Teak, a pure heartwood from mature Teak trees grown in the Indonesia/South East Asia region, these custom Airstream shower mats are handcrafted in Winona, Minnesota. The folks at Teakworks4u are a team of carpenters and woodworkers with an unparalleled depth of experience and a bottomless passion for their work.

For centuries, South Asian craftsmen have used teak to create boats and furniture because of the wood’s renowned beauty, durability and reliability. In recent years, teak has come stateside, and you don’t have to be a shipbuilder to appreciate the wood’s superior qualities. A teak mat evokes luxury. But it’s also a moisture-resistant warrior that fends off the years.

Any mat continuously exposed to water is going to mold, mildew and rot. Unless it’s made of teak. A tropical hardwood, teak is highly resistant to water damage because its natural oils act as preservatives. What's more, teak has natural silica laced into the wood, so you won't slip or slide on the mat when your shower gets soapy.

These custom teak mats are handcrafted, special order items and will ship 2-3 weeks after order placement. Please check the location of your shower, shower pan shape and shower dimensions before ordering. Instructions for the care of your teak mat will be included.


  • Mat Size: 31.13"x 16.52"
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel screws are used to prevent rust and staining
  • Joining surfaces are glued with Titebond® high-quality waterproof wood glue
  • Anti-bacterial rubberized strips are bonded to each support to keep the mat firmly in place

This mat will fit in the following 16' models produced from 2004-2012:

  • International Bambi
  • International
  • International DWR
  • International Ocean Breeze
  • International Signature
  • International Serenity
  • Safari Bambi
  • Sport
  • 2012 Sport Models produced pre-January 2012. (Models produced after January 2012 will require the updated shower version.)
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