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Airstream Vintage Collection

"The Byam Books" by Wally Byam
The History of Airstream Print by Pop Chart
Airstream '345 Classic' Ornament

Featuring three of our favorite pieces of Airstream history, this bundle collection is a must have for the Vintage Airstream enthusiast.

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The History of Airstream Print by Pop Chart

We've admired PopChart's distinctive graphic design for years, so it was a dream come true to partner on this print covering the length and breadth of Airstream history. From the evolution of Airstream's logo to the people who turned Airstream into the iconic heritage American brand it is today, this stunning, minimalist print was created with input from Airstream's corporate historian and archivist and half-a-dozen current and retired Airstream employees. A treasure trove of information presented in a beautiful infographic – a must-have for any Airstream enthusiast.


  • Wally's Creed: Be inspired by all nine points of Airstream founder Wally Byam's famous philosophy
  • Body Type and Front Dome: While the Airstream travel trailer of today hasn't changed much, these sections show the gradual evolution of the Airstream exterior
  • Historical Models: Fifteen classic Airstream models are depicted, showing some of many the high points in nearly 90 years of iconic design
  • Classic Caravans: With a variety of facts about participants, routes, number of units, and more, you can chart the course of Airstream's famous worldwide caravans
  • Airstream Logo Evolution: See how the Airstream logo has changed through the years, from a literal stream of air flowing through the name to an Art Deco-inspired design to what it is today,
  • Faces of Airstream: Learn about the people behind this all-American brand
AIRMKT eCom PN 52431W-24 The Byam Books_42898 Original WEB

"The Byam Books" by Wally Byam

Wally Byam wasn't just the founder of Airstream. He was an engineer, a tour guide, and an expert marketer of his product. He was also an excellent writer. Now, Wally Byam’s great books from the golden age of Airstreaming are once again available in this special edition by Airstream Life Magazine.

Fifth Avenue On Wheels and Trailer Travel Here and Abroad are Wally’s historical masterpieces, describing firsthand the incredible adventures he personally experienced back in the 1940s and 1950s. Both books – long out of print – are contained in this special single volume, totaling 279 fun and informative pages. Includes a forward by Wally's cousin, Dale "PeeWee" Schwamborn.

Airstream '345 Classic' Ornament

AIRMKT eCom Ornament Class A 49895 WEB

Here at Airstream, we appreciate our heritage and the work of those that came before us. One of our favorite past models, this ornament is a must-have for the true enthusiast.

Now, you can ring in the holidays with this glass Airstream ornament, featuring the classic Airstream 345 motor home.

Three unique pieces of Airstream history, bundled for savings. This holiday season, gift an iconic gift.

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