Airstream x Pottery Barn Entertainment Bundle

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Airstream + Pottery Barn Salt Pepper Shaker

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Airstream + Pottery Barn Salt Pepper Shaker
Pottery Barn Table Top Dishes Napkin Salt & Pepper Shakers
Airstream + Pottery Barn Napkin
Airstream + Pottery Barn Bottle Opener
Airstream + Pottery Barn Tumbler

Airstream x Pottery Barn Entertainment Bundle


Airstream x Pottery Barn: Decor Bundle

A selection of best sellers from the Airstream X Pottery Barn collection, bundled together at a special price – and only available on Airstream Supply Company.

Airstream + Pottery Barn Dinnerware Set Dishes

1. Airstream Marbled Enamel Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware set includes 2 bowls, 2 plates, and 2 mugs. (Other items – like the napkin and the salt + pepper shaker – are also part of the Entertainment Bundle.)

Airstream + Pottery Barn Tumbler

2.  Airstream Marbled Enamel Tumblers, Set of 2

Modeled after classic camp wares, the Airstream Marbled Enamel Tumblers are made of the toughest cold-rolled steel and finished in enamel to bring a dose of nostalgia to your home, both on the range and on the road.

Airstream + Pottery Barn Napkin

3. Airstream Icon Patch Napkins, Set of 2

A fresh addition to kitchens both stationary and on-the-move, the Airstream Icon Patch Napkins are outfitted with a patch of the iconic travel trailer, which has served as a symbol of free-spirited travel for decades.  

Airstream + Pottery Barn Salt Pepper Shaker

4.  Airstream Salt & Pepper Shakers

When you need to spice things up, reach for these salt-and-pepper shakers that are modeled after a vintage station wagon and the iconic travel trailer.

Airstream + Pottery Barn Bottle Opener

5. Airstream Bottle Opener

Whether you’re kicking back at home or entertaining around the campfire, this replica of the famous silver travel trailer can swiftly pop off any cap it meets along the way.

“To place the great wide world at your doorstep for you who yearn to travel with all the comforts of home.” - Wally Byam

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