"Airstreams Custom Interiors" by David Winick

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"Airstreams Custom Interiors" by David Winick


Few shapes rolling down the highway are as instantly recognizable as silver Airstream trailer homes. But inside, they can be as unique as their owners. For those who've dreamed of renovating the interior of a vintage Airstream travel trailer, this book will give you load of inspiration and insight into the process.

With over 200 sparkling color images and engaging text, this book presents David Winick's adventure re-creating custom-built Airstream home trailers that date from 1948 to 2007, including his 75th Anniversary Bambi trailer. The challenge of making functional and beautiful small living spaces helped drive the restoration work. Learn the process, beginning with empty shells and ending with rolling Airstream art. This book will enlighten the growing legion of Airstream aficionados, architects and designers with a passion for small space living, and all who have ever camped or admired an Airstream.

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