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Ardean Miller Magnets

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Ardean Miller Magnets

Ardean Miller Wood Magnets


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Over the course of Airstream's 90-year history, photographers have been an essential part of telling the Airstream story. From capturing images on founder Wally Byam's early caravans around the world, to families enjoying the great outdoors at the campsite across town, Airstream photographers have helped define this iconic brand. And perhaps no photographer has as much of an impact on the Airstream legend and ethos as Ardean R. Miller, III.

Born in 1915, Miller composed some of the most iconic and stunning images in Airstream history – so much so that they continue to inspire the Airstream world nearly seven decades later. 

Ardean Miller Magnets

Now you can bring some of Ardean Miller's vintage magic home – or to the fridge in your home on wheels – with these stylish, wood magnets. Featuring some of Miller's most iconic imagery, these wooden magnets are cut to make elements of the photos pop out of the background, creating a semi-three-dimensional look. These strong magnets are perfect for keeping tabs on the park map or your grocery list.

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