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Bottle Brush By OXO


Until you use a bottle brush on a regular basis, you don't realize how handy they are – in fact, we like to keep both the bottle brush and the dish brush on hand in the galley. Travel coffee mugs and water bottles are essentials in your Airstream life. Give them the deep cleaning the deserve – every time – with OXO's bottle brush. The specially shaped head scrubs sides, corners and bottoms and has durable, dual-action bristles made for heavy-duty cleaning without scratching. The long neck easily reaches inside bottles, pitchers and carafes, while the soft grip won’t slip, even when wet. Safe for stemware, baby bottles and other delicate containers.

Also available as part of our convenient Airstream + OXO Bundles.

Why OXO?

Since 1990, OXO has produced the very best cooking tools, kitchen gadgets, and home cleaning products. With a clean focus on simple, durable, and ergonomic designs, OXO transforms everyday objects into essential tools that make life easier. Their tools fit comfortably in hand and make routine tasks enjoyable. Like Airstream, OXO has a firm dedication to improvement and innovation through design. Where Airstream founder Wally Byam pledged to not make changes, "but only make improvements," OXO follows a similar mantra: If we can't make something better, we don't make it.

We're excited to bring dozens of OXO products to Airstream Supply Company. Shop convenient bundles or a la carte and create the perfect solution for your Airstream.

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