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Bungled Jungle Monster Art


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Scare up some smiles with unique monster art

Trek deep into the Bungled Jungle and discover these delightful, handmade creatures. Salida, Colorado artists Pat Landreth and Suzanne Montano create their monsters out of a combination of wire, metal, clay, and composite rubber – and a heaping helping of whimsy.

“We like absurd things,” said Pat, who opened the Bungled Jungle with his partner Suzanne 16 years ago after doing numerous art shows around Colorado and beyond. “I like things that look like they might be scientifically plausible – and I like things that make you smile.”

Browse through the Bungled Jungle gallery in Salida and you will definitely smile. Creatures of all shapes, sizes, colors, and poses sit on shelfs, hang from the ceiling, and reach out from every nook and cranny. Built with a combination of sheet metal, wire, clay, steel, and rubber composite, the monsters inhabiting the Bungled Jungle are surprisingly light, semi-posable, and equal parts bizarre and hilarious. They sport horns, beaks, and craggly teeth, and they range in size from something you could hold in your hand to something a kid could ride.

While Pat and Suzanne never really planned to build and sell monsters for anything resembling a livelihood, their creations have found a foothold and inspired fans to bring a bit of the Bungled Jungle’s whimsy into their own lives.

Read the rest of our story on the Bungled Jungle in our Round Trip: Salida, CO feature.

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Wound wires are twisted and nestled to create bodies, before sheet metal, rubber composite, and other materials are attached. From fangs and toothy grins, to wings and improbably-sized horns, these monsters are sure to scare up a smile. 

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