Carbon Reduction Kit: Platinum

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Airstream Owner|Caravan to Carbon Neutral|Carbon Reduction Kit: Platinum

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Carbon Reduction Kit: Platinum


Join Airstream and the National Forest Foundation (NFF) on the Caravan to Carbon Neutral.


Your Platinum Carbon Reduction Kit from the NFF includes:

  • 2023 Caravan to Carbon Neutral 5" x 4" Decal
  • 2023 Caravan to Carbon Neutral 12" x 18" Flag
  • 2023 Caravan to Carbon Neutral Virtual Badge on
  • Funding for the National Forest Foundation's efforts to plant 250 trees
  • An estimated 125 tons of carbon sequestered over the course of the trees' lifetimes – the equivalent of an estimated 310,000 passenger vehicle miles
  • Tax-deductible donation through the NFF

Since its creation 90 years ago, the Airstream community has been devoted to its outdoor adventure partner, the environment. A Caravan to Carbon Neutral Carbon Reduction Kit is the perfect way to help meet one of the most significant challenges to the places we love. Your tax-deductible purchase through the National Forest Foundation (NFF) of a Platinum level kit enables the NFF to plant 250 trees in our National Forests. Those added trees will support some of our most popular outdoor adventure spaces and help sequester approximately 125 tons of carbon, roughly the amount emitted by driving a passenger vehicle 310,000 passenger miles, which is equal to 12 trips around the world.

Join the Caravan to Carbon Neutral and Make a Difference Today

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Carbon sequestration is facilitated through the National Forest Foundation’s (NFF’s) existing tree planting program. NFF has committed to use best efforts, along with the United States Forest Service to complete tree planting within twelve (12) months of receipt of funds; carbon sequestration estimates through tree planting are calculated using the value of .5 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) sequestered per tree over its estimated lifetime of 100 years. Mileage equivalencies are estimated using the EPAs Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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