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DRAM Apothecary Bitters Sampler Set Boxed

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Cocktail Bitters Gift Set


DRAM Apothecary is the brainchild of Shae Whitney and Brady Becker, and we discovered DRAM when Airstream dropped in on Salida, Colorado to see what was up with this Colorado outdoor mecca. Using homegrown herbs, DRAM concocts artisinal bitters and a variety of other products that celebrate the natural beauty of the Colorado landscape.

All of DRAM's herbal cocktail bitters are designed for vibrant health and agreeable digestion, without sacrificing flavor. Bitters are concentrated plant extracts added to food and drink and have many uses, including the indulgence of classic cocktails and digestive benefits. They can be enjoyed in classics like a Manhattan Cocktail, or simply added to tea, juice, coffee and sparkling water. Bitters may also be used as flavoring agents for all kinds of recipes and they work especially well in baked goods, soups, stews and dressings.

Now you can bring DRAM home, with this Cocktail Bitters gift set of 6 amber glass 1/2 oz. bottles filled with artisan hand made bitters. These are the perfect size for small presents or for travel. These cocktail bitters come wonderfully packaged in a small recycled box with recycled shredded paper for cushion and information sheet about the different properties of the 6 flavors.

DRAM Apothecary Bitters Sampler Set Boxed


  • Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic
  • Palo Santo
  • Citrus Medica
  • Lavender Lemon Balm
  • Black
  • Wild Mountain Sage
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