HEADSPIN Convertible Light System

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headspin with case studio
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HEADSPIN Convertible Light System


With the right gear, the most adverse conditions become manageable. When you're off on outdoor adventures, daylight is your most precious resource. Everything becomes a little more difficult after dark. But with the HEADSPIN Convertible Light System, you can open a door to a whole world of activities after the sun sets.

The World's Most Versatile Lighting System 

The HEADSPIN is every light you need in one compact hard-shelled carrying case: a headlamp, bike light, rail light, utility light, safety strobe, traditional flashlight, floodlight, spotlight, and more. HEADSPIN’s unique SPINDOCK™ Connection utilizes magnets to automatically rotate the light and lock it into place on each of the three included mounts: a headlamp mount, flashlight mount, or a bike/rail mount. HEADSPIN can also be used alone as a magnetic light. Affix it to your bumper and you'll never have to hitch up that silver bullet in the dark again.


Bright & Lasting Lumens  

HEADSPIN delivers its powerful and stated brightness for the entire duration of its battery life. It will never auto-dim like many products on the market. So when you're out gathering wood for the fire in the dark night, you can rest assured you'll have a bright light leading the way.

Easy Rechargable Battery  

No more disposable batteries. The HEADSPIN kit includes everything you need for both wall charging and micro-USB charging, whether your source is a portable power bank, your vehicle, your Airstream's outlet, or an outlet at home.


Weatherproof & Durable  

Wherever your adventures may take you, the HEADSPIN is dustproof and rainproof, so you can drop it in the dirt or get lost in whatever weather nature presents, and you’ll always find your way out.

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