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AIRMKT eCom PN 90102W CorrosionX-16 oz 41399 WEB

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AIRMKT eCom PN 90102W CorrosionX-16 oz 41399 WEB
AIRMKT eCom PN 90101W CorrosionX-6 oz 41405 WEB



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6 oz
16 oz

The most useful and versatile product of its kind, CorrosionX is a service facility in a can. CorrosionX stops and prevents corrosion and rust without a messy, waxy coating. A light spray of CorrosionX keeps parts and equipment looking and performing like new. In addition to fighting corrosion, CorrosionX is a penetrating lubricant that will outperform and outlast most storebought brands. And with no volatile organic content (VOC), CorrosionX is safe for the environment. Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and nonflammable (when not in aerosol form – the propellant is flammable).

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