Delta Pro Collapsible Shovel from DMOS

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Delta Pro Collapsible Shovel from DMOS


Setting off on an Airstream adventure is to set off into the unknown. We thrill hitting the road knowing that everything ahead is unknown. There is freedom in this adventure – we are the masters of our fate, choosing our destination, our timeframe, our state of mind. With that freedom comes the responsibility known by ship captains and forward scouts: One must be prepared for anything.

That's why many Airstreamers carry an arsenal of tools – from generators to power drills, work gloves to rivet kits – to help navigate any situation. And when it comes to digging, breaking, and moving earth there may be no better tool than the Delta Pro from DMOS.

Delta Shovel

Whether you're digging a fire pit, raking out the ashes in the morning, or leveling off the ground for better stability, a good shovel can be one of the most helpful travel tools. The problem has always been that a good shovel takes up too much space. Enter the full-collapsible, super-durable shovels from DMOS. Their Delta Pro shovel has become a standby in the Airstream world for its combination of strength and portability. Full-telescopic to the size of your standard garden shovel, the Delta Pro collapses down to an Airstream-approved size that fits in just about any Airstream compartment. And with a few motions, you can easily convert the Delta Pro from a shovel into a spade. Move dirt by dragging or pushing, or break up loose soil or rocks at your campsite with ease. Then stow it away and out of site.

Both the blade and extruded shaft on the Delta Pro are made from 6000 series American-made aluminum. Powder coated agate grey, this tool will wear its use scratches with pride – but like an Airstream travel trailer will never rust. Versatile in use as a shovel or hoe for off road, camping, and survival situations.


  • Blade: Premium aircraft grade 6000 series aluminum for extra strength
  • Powder coated agate grey - this will wear its use scratches with pride but will never rust
  • Lightest full-size shovel you can buy
  • Use: When you need a full-sized shovel but weight is a constraint - either payload in your vehicle or trimming ounces and pounds from your pack 
  • 3 lbs 8 oz
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