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Rugged Bluetooth Speaker by DemerBox


For some, the thought of going anywhere without good music is like heading into the desert with no water. Music soundtracks our best days, our favorite trips, our epic journeys. Songs preserve our memories in time, and hearing those songs again can feel like climbing into a time machine.

With the DemerBox, having good music on tap is easier than ever. A top-notch Bluetooth connection relays your favorite music to a powerful set of speakers housed inside a virtually indestructible Pelican case. Open the DemerBox's soundhole for deep bass tones, or insert the plug for waterproof functionality. A USB port charges your device, the battery has 50+ hours of charge, and inside there's storage for a phone, wallet, and anything else you want to keep dry. Built by hand in the U.S.A., the DemerBox ensures you have great music to soundtrack all your best moments.



The DemerBox story

James Demer built his first speaker out of a shoe box when he was 12 years old. With a deep appreciation for music and sound, James built a career in location audio recording. Most of his career was spent traveling to far-flung sets all over the world where he worked for shows such as Survivor and VICE News.

James wanted a good sound system that wouldn't get beat up in transit or in inclement weather. So he drilled holes into a Pelican Case (a brand of high-end storage boxes used extensively in the film and TV industry to protect gear), screwed in some old speakers and made the first DemerBox. At his next job in Barrow, Alaska he used them as a playback device. The crew loved it and DemerBox was born.

DemerBox Kickstarter

In 2014, James Demer raised over $80,000 on Kickstarter to mass produce the DemerBox. After the campaign, Demer realized that DemerBox was something that could work for him. He trusted his instincts and started picking away at how to reduce the amount of time to make a DemerBox, reducing the time spent from three days to three hours.

DemerBox and Zach Brown

In early 2017 multi-platinum, Grammy Award-Winning artist Zac Brown, of Zac Brown Band discovered DemerBox on Amazon. Zac gave it a test of his own when he took the DemerBox on a spearfishing trip to Belize. Immediately impressed, he became an instant DemerBox fan and quickly invested in the startup, adding it to his roster of brands. DemerBox now operates under Brown's lifestyle company, Zac Brown Collective.

Together Zac Brown and James Demer have built a high tech workshop in Peachtree City, Georgia and are proudly building what they believe is the best sounding, most durable portable speaker available.

"I'm always on the hunt for gear that makes my life easier and helps enhance my adventures," says Zac. "I carry my DemerBox with me everywhere I go, it's super tough and sounds amazing.”

"Zac and I both value giving people an outstanding experience," said Demer. "With over 20 years of professional audio mixing and Zac's incredible talent as both a touring and recording impresario, we've come together to introduce DemerBox to a much larger audience, while still proudly building each DemerBox by hand in the USA."

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