ED80 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Package

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Adventure | Skywatching | ED80 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Package

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ED80 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Package


Perfect for eclipses, wildlife viewing, and astrophotography

If you've ever wanted to explore the solar prominences that unfurl from the sun's fiery disc or the black pools of sunspots on its surface, the ED80 from Explore Scientific is the telescope for you. Likewise, the ED80 is the perfect scope to start exploring the infinite possibilities inherent in astrophotography or spotting birds in wildlife preserves. It can even supplement your collection of photography lenses. The ED80 is truly a versatile telescope that opens a world of exploration.

Small enough to make it easy to transport (perfect for the Airstream!), the ED80 sets up in a matter of minutes. The superior, low-dispersion glass that reveals details without compromise. The ED80 reveals celestial wonders like the desolate beauty of the lunar terrain, the serene structure of Saturn’s rings or the brightest deep sky treasures of the Messier catalog. 

Offering true diffraction-limited optics with genuine HOYA FCD1 ED glass, the ED80 is the perfect size to encourage spontaneous stargazing sessions, this high-quality telescope is a perfect grab-and-go instrument for exploring the skies.


With an air-spaced triplet optical design that virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations, this telescope generates brilliant high-contrast images by combining genuine HOYA extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and proprietary EMD enhanced multi-layer deposition coatings on all optical surfaces.

Although it is a standout telescope on its own, the 80mm also is compact enough to mount on a larger telescope, which can add versatility to your astrophotography experience by separating the guiding and imaging duties.

The perfect package:

With a telescope, eyepieces, and a mount (sometimes called a tripod), this packages includes six items to get you started:

  • ED80 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor
  • Waterproof Eyepiece 25MM 52 Degrees
  • Waterproof Eyepiece 10MM 52 Degrees
  • Focal Extender 1.25” 2X
  • EXOS2-GT PMC-Eight Equatorial Mount
  • 8x50 Viewfinder and Battery Life Illuminator II


Viewing the sun without proper protection will result in blindness!!!! 

Never look directly at the sun without protection. 

While the ED80 is perfect for solar viewing, proper solar filters (sold separately) are required. Please call Explore Scientific customer service at 866.252.3811 for more information if you're interested in solar viewing.

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