FirstLight Telescope Skywatching Set

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FirstLight Telescope Skywatching Set


While skywatching can be as easy as going outside on a dark, clear night, going beyond that initial dip into the celestial waters can be daunting. We've been there: Should I get a telescope? Which telescope is right for me? And what accessories do I need?

With that in mind, Airstream teamed up with the master skywatchers at Explore Scientific to create two packages that cater to both new astronomers and those looking to level up their skywatching. If you're a beginner, check out our Aurora Skywatching Package (click here for details). If you're a newbie looking to go beyond simply viewing the sky with your naked eye, this Firstlight Skywatching Package is designed for delving into the details of our solar system and exploring deep-sky treasures.

What's included?

In short, everything you need to get started. The FirstLight Skywatching Package comes with a telescope, a mount (sometimes called a tripod), an eyepiece with a red dot viewfinder, a planisphere to help you identify constellations and other deep-sky objects, and a red beam flashlight to preserve your night vision while you're under the stars. This is a versatile telescope, packaged with everything you need to get started tonight.

Telescope Features

  • 102mm aperture is ideal for getting excellent views of deep-sky favorites.
  • Doublet design uses a pairing of glass lenses separated by a cushion of air to minimize chromatic aberrations.
  • Twilight Nano alt-azimuth mount has a panhandle control that makes it easy to position the telescope.
  • Mount is lightweight but can still hold up to 15lbs of equipment.
  • Full-size tripod includes accessory tray to keep eyepieces handy and provide additional stability.
  • Model comes with a 25mm Plössl eyepiece, a 90° diagonal for more comfortable viewing and a red dot viewfinder to aid in object location.
  • Built-in dew shield slows moisture build-up on the objective lens and reduces interference from ambient light.
  • Included adapter helps observers use their smart device to capture and share images.

Includes Tirion Double-sided Planisphere

Created by noted celestial cartographer Wil Tirion, this planisphere will help you find a huge variety of skywatching targets. Works over a vast range of Northern hemisphere latitudes (0° to 60° north) and uses a double-sided design to minimize distortion. It is made of durable plastic and the celestial dials are secured with no-corrosion brass rivets.

Also included: Astro R-Lite red beam flashlight

Don't let the bright light of your smartphone flashlight kill your night vision. The Astro R-Lite red beam flashlight is perfect for use with the Tirion Planisphere and is designed to specifically meet the needs of amateur astronomers. This versatile device will allow you to read star charts or make equipment changes without disturbing the crucial adjustments your eyes have made to dark conditions.

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