Explore Scientific AR152 Star Field Telescope Set

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Adventure|Skywatching|Explore Scientific AR152 Star Field Telescope Set

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Explore Scientific AR152 Star Field Telescope Set


Bigger is better

When it comes to telescopes, the "bigger is better" rule definitely applies – especially when it comes to the size of the glass lens used in a refracting telescope. The AR152 from Explore Scientific features a six-inch diameter lens that allows even the faintest amount of light from distant, deep-space objects to make its way in and eventually to your eye. You will be astounded at the sight of gossamer nebulae, diamond-bright double stars, and the details revealed on the surface of the moon through this telescope.

A quick science lesson

There are two main types of telescopes available to backyard astronomers: refracting and reflecting. Reflecting telescopes like the Aurora from Explore Scientific gather light through the telescope's main lens and the magnify it through a series of reflections until finally the image reaches the eyepiece (and then your eye itself). Reflectors are generally short and squat telescopes, like a round barrel. Refractors like this one, on the other hand, magnify light through a series of lenses spaced inside a long, thin tube. It's a design pioneered by Galileo Galilei 500 years ago, and not much has changed since its inception – kind of like the way the design behind Airstream travel trailers hasn't changed much in nearly 90 years.


The AR152 (six-inch) model, is a classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint doublet achromatic refractor. It provides bright images and high resolution – not to mention extreme value – by providing true diffraction-limited optics. Most importantly, this telescope will allow more people to explore the sky at a fraction of the price you would pay for a similar telescope.

At high power, the moon, planets, and double stars are revealed in sharp, high contrast. Designed to handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach, the Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes come with heavy-duty, high quality components, including a 2" dual-speed focuser, a one-piece 2" diagonal with 99% dielectric coatings, an 8 X 50 non-illuminated straight-thru finderscope and quick release bracket, and a cradle ring assembly with Vixen-style dovetail mount.

A five-piece kit

Your purchase includes everything you need to get started stargazing: a telescope, a mount (sometimes called a tripod), two eyepieces, and more!

  • Explore Scientific AR52 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor
  • Waterproof Eyepiece 25MM 52 Degrees
  • Waterproof Eyepiece 10MM 52 Degrees
  • Focal Extender 1.25” 2X
  • Twilight II mount

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