Feathers Collection Tea Towels by Coral & Tusk

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Tea-Towl-Red-Tail-Hawk-Feather Coral and Tusk

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Tea-Towl-Red-Tail-Hawk-Feather Coral and Tusk

Feathers Collection Tea Towels by Coral & Tusk


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Red Tail Hawk Feather
Owl Feather
Fowl Feather

Birds add color and motion to our lives. They are a nearly constant presence in our lives, especially if we spend time outdoors. Celebrate the beauty and majesty of our avian friends with these beautiful embroidered tea towels from Coral & Tusk.

Tea-Towl-Red-Tail-Hawk-Feather Coral and Tusk

Red Tail Hawk Feather Tea Towel

Embroidered on linen, this red tail hawk feather was drawn from nature. It's stitched with the warm hues common on the tail feathers of these bird of prey. Each of Coral & Tusk's feather designs are inspired by their collection of found quills, and serve as a reminder to respect the incredible creatures of flight, sky, and air. Measures 25" × 18" unfolded, 12.5" x 6" folded.


Owl Feather Tea Towel

Owls can see in the dark and navigate through the night. They fly swiftly and silently thanks to their specialized feathers. The intricate dot pattern and emerald embroidery on this tea towel is inspired by their exquisite feathers. Measures 25" × 18" unfolded. Measures 12.5" x 6" folded.


Fowl Feather Tea Towel

Fowl stick to the ground, clinging close to their familial flock. Their naturally patterned plumage symbolize unity and togetherness. Measures 25" × 18" unfolded. Measures 12.5" x 6" folded.

Material & Care

  • Embroidered on 100% linen fabric. Back fabric is 100% linen.
  • Coral & Tusk uses linen made from 100% unbleached and undyed natural flax fiber. There is inherent beauty in the shade variation from one crop to another.
  • Linen is an incredibly durable fabric, and can be laundered in many ways. Over time, linen softens with multiple washes, enhancing the texture of the fabric. If you prefer a natural linen look, feel free to machine wash and line dry your favorite Coral & Tusk items. To keep your linens crisp and smooth, consider spot clean treatments or dry cleaning.
  • For a complete care guide please review the Coral & Tusk FAQs
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