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Flamingo Headband by Headbands Of Hope


Jess Ekstrom knew Disney World was the most magical place on earth, where every moment someone's wish was granted. When she took a photography internship at Disney World during college, she discovered she was more right than she knew.

"I got to photograph so many kids with life-threatening illness that were there because a wish-granting organization had made their wish come true," she remembers. "It was so magical – and it really changed the way I thought about things."

Jess returned to school her sophomore year and brought back a newfound interest in helping children cope with tough diagnoses. She soon took an internship with a wish-granting organization.

"So many of the kids wore headbands after losing their hair to chemotherapy," says Jess, remembering one girl in particular who wished to go to Disney World to meet Sleeping Beauty. The little girl was unfortunately too sick to travel to Florida from North Carolina, so Jess decided to do the next best thing and invite Sleeping Beauty to come to the little girl's hospital room. All it took was a visit to a costume shop for Jess to bring the magic to the hospital.

After that experience, Jess felt a spark to do something to help sick kids feel confident and beautiful during such a tough time. She knew many kids whose spirits were lifted by head bands, but noticed that no brands were providing those accessories to the kids. So, during her junior year in college Jess created Headbands of Hope. The mission was simple: For every headband she sold, Jess would donate a headband to a child with cancer. To date, the brand has donated headbands to every children's hospital in America and 15 countries!

Airstream Supply Company is proud to partner with Headbands of Hope: For every headband sold through Airstream Supply Company, one headband will be donated to a children's hospital.

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