Food Prep Bundle by OXO

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Food Prep

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Food Prep
oven mitt
oxo airstream silcone pot holder_2
oxo airstream two quart silicone collapsible strainer 2qt_1
oxo airstream 3 three piece mixing bowl_3
oxo airstream collapsible strainer collander_3
cutting board

Food Prep Bundle by OXO

3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set By OXO
2QT Silicone Collapsible Strainer By OXO
Prep Cutting Board by OXO
4 Cup Squeeze + Pour Measuring Cup By OXO
Silicone Oven Mitt
Silicone Pot Holder

We have a bit of a passion for great design that merges efficiency and functionality. (You've seen our travel-trailers, right?) This bundle of our favorite food prep tools from OXO features that perfect marriage of form and purpose. It's everything you need to make mealtime easy, while collapsible features and slim designs streamline storage. Because you have more important decisions to make ... like, should you have more pudgy pies or s'mores?

Bundle Includes:

Note: All items are also sold a la carte on Airstream Supply Company. Click individual links to learn more about each product or to purchase separately.

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