OXO Airstream Grilling Bundle

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OXO Airstream Grilling Bundle

Chef's Squeeze Bottles By OXO, 2 Piece Set
Grilling Basting Pot and Brush Set By OXO
Grilling Tongs and Turner Set By OXO

Airstream Supply Company is excited to offer a complete collection of OXO products conveniently bundled so you can easily stock your Airstream galley, bathroom, and living spaces.

We love OXO for their simple, elegant solutions to everyday cooking and cleaning tasks. From spatulas to scrub brushes, slotted spoons to salt and pepper grinders, OXO products subscribe to the same "form follows function" mentality as Airstream. For years we've used OXO kitchen gadgets in the Airstream galley and their cleaning tools in the lavvy and throughout the living space. Now, we're offering dozens of our favorite OXO products on Airstream Supply Company, either a la carte or conveniently bundled for easy-to-shop solutions.

The OXO Airstream Grilling Bundle

Included in this Convenient Bundle

  • Grilling Tongs and Turner Set
  • Basting Pot and Brush Set
  • 6-Piece Grilling Skewers Set
  • 2-piece Chef's Squeeze Bottles


Grilling Tongs and Turner Set

With long-lasting stainless steel construction and comfortable non-slip grips, the OXO Good Grips Grilling Turner and Tongs Set is made to help you master the grill. The Turner’s wide beveled head slides easily under burgers and steak, while its double-bend design gives you leverage for lifting food from grills. The Tongs have angled heads with a scalloped edge that grabs food for flipping, turning and transferring, and a built-in bottle opener to save you a trip to the kitchen. Extra-long handles keep hands away from heat and flame.

oxo airstream grilling tongs and turner set_050520_10

Basting Pot and Brush Set

oxo airstream grilling basting pot and brush set_051120_2_RGB

Ready for some seriously superior saucing? This stainless steel pot holds up to 18 ounces of marinade or barbecue sauce and features a silicone lid and a comfortable, non-slip handle. The basting brush has patented silicone bristles (which snag lots of sauce) and an angled head (for mess-free sauce application and keeping surfaces clean between swipes). Use this set for meats and veggies—on and off the grill.

2-piece Chef's Squeeze Bottles

Whether you’re adding oil to a pan, drizzling chocolate on a cheesecake, or squeezing ketchup on a burger, the OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottles provide one-handed precision. Use the thin tip for precision or the wide tip for thicker dressings and sauces. Each bottle comes with interchangeable lids and caps.

oxo airstream chef squeeze bottles sauce oil_3

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