Hand-stitched Goatskin Work Gloves by VERMONT GLOVE

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vermont glove the vermonter

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vermont glove the vermonter
vermont glove the farmer
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VTG Flatcard 5x7 Draft2
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Hand-stitched Goatskin Work Gloves by VERMONT GLOVE


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The Farmer
The Vermonter
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When we visited Vermont Glove's headquarters in an old dairy building in Randolph, Vermont, we were instantly blown away by their commitment to quality. From the longtime employees who consider the business a family, to the meticulous attention to detail and quality control, to the precise handmade nature of their product, Vermont Glove make a product they are proud of. And you'll be proud to wear them for any outdoor task.

A long heritage as a family-owned and operated company, Vermont Glove values social and environmental sustainability as much as hard work, and are madly committed to using natural, renewable materials. With a commitment to functional design, the highest quality materials, and the most effective methods, Vermont Glove aspires to use their enterprise as a platform to advocate for environmental stewardship, economic equity and social responsibility. On top of all that – they make really good gloves.   

Now available in two styles on Airstream Supply Company, The Vermonter and The Farmer are designed to work as hard as you do. Hand-stitched with a heavy-duty nylon thread for durability, both styles are made from a supple goat leather that stays soft and dexterous.

Available in 6 sizes.

How To Measure Your Hand:

  • Place end of tape on your first knuckle.
  • Pinch with thumb.
  • Wrap around top of knuckles, around your palm, and back to the starting point.
  • The number of inches is your glove size.
  • See size chart image to match to size.

About The Vermonter

  • General use glove
  • Outside seams for superior comfort
  • Double-stitched fingertip seams for protection & durability
VTG Flatcard 5x7 Draft2

The Farmer

  • Heavy duty work glove
  • Double-walled palm construction for durability
  • Outside-seamed thumb for increased comfort
  • Double-stitched fingertip seams (5 fingers) for protection & durability
  • Split cowhide cuff
VTG Flatcard 5x7 Draft2
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