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Handcrafted Smoking Pipes by BriarWorks Pipes


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Classic Poker - Brown Blast with Black Stem
Classic Bent Billiard - Dark Blast with Tortoise Stem
Classic Bent Apple - Dark Smooth with Black Stem

Several years ago, pipe makers Todd Johnson and Pete Prevost set out to change the perception of what a hand-crafted yet commercially available smoking pipe could be. Pipe enthusiasts who'd long admired the craftsmanship of pipe making, the duo oon opened their first BriarWorks shop in Nashville, TN providing customers with high-quality pipes, hand-crafted with an artisinal eye. Best of all, they were able to do it all with some of the most competitive prices on the market.

BriarWorks is a team of highly skilled craftspeople who have dedicated themselves to the tradition of creating quality goods made with pride in the USA. BriarWorks' primary product lines are serially produced "factory" pipes, hand finished using a combination of modern and traditional pipe making and woodworking techniques. But what exactly does "serially produced" mean?

"We use machines to do the initial work," says Pete Prevost, looking over the chunks of briarwood that will soon be shaped into beautiful works of art. "Once the initial shapes are carved by the router, then we go to work shaping and finishing each piece by hand."

BriarWorks' staff includes four craftspeople who have spent many years and countless hours working toward perfection of a craft mostly forgotten by mainstream culture. Their goal is to provide an enjoyable smoking experience for all of our customers, regardless of budget.

Three beautiful pipes hand-crafted in Tennessee by the master craftspeople at BriarWorks. 

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Classic Bent Apple: Dark and smooth, with a black stem 

The BriarWorks Classic Bent Apple is one of the larger pipes in the BriarWorks Classic line. It's comfortably chubby and has a fairly large chamber for those that like a longer smoke.

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Classic Bent Billiard: Dark blast with tortoise stem

A classic bent billiard with gorgeous tortoise stem and a blasted finish for a rustic look.

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Classic Poker: Brown blast with black stem

Classic pokers are the ultimate utility pipe. Designed to smoke well and be placed on a table without dumping its contents, the poker has been a favorite of pipe smokers that enjoy a pipe that will work for years. The BriarWorks Classic Poker fits that bill just like the pipes that inspired it.

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