Inflatable Portable Stand-Up Paddle Boards by RED PADDLE

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red paddle compact in use

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red paddle compact in use
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red paddle paddle assembly
red paddle lifestyle bridge
red paddle 9'6 compact package
red paddle 11'3 sport package
red paddle 10'6 ride package

Inflatable Portable Stand-Up Paddle Boards by RED PADDLE


Select Model
Select Model
9'6" Compact Package
10'6" Ride Package
11'3" Sport Package

Stand up paddleboarding is one of the most fun ways to get out on the water. A great workout, stand up paddleboarding – or SUPing for those in the know – gives you a new perspective on watersports. And because they're inflatable, the SUPs from Red Paddle are perfect for Airstream adventures. Simply unroll and hook up the double-chambered hand pump and you'll cruising placid lakes or braving rolling waves in no time.

Every paddle board package from Airstream Supply Co. includes everything you need to start your SUP adventure today.  

Red Paddle makes the world's leading inflatable stand up paddleboards (SUP), and for more than a decade they've been finding ways to make SUPing easier and more enjoyable. Their innovative, inflatable boards are packed with leading technology and subjected to extreme testing to prove their reliability and rock-hard rigidity. Nothing else on the market comes close in terms of design and manufacturing quality – and no other paddle board looks quite so good cruising over the waves.

red paddle sport stand up paddle board

red paddle sport stand up paddle board

Available in three packages:

9'6" Compact 

red paddle compact stand up paddle board-PADDLE-PLYMUOTH_1854

10'6" Ride   

red paddle ride stand up paddle board

11'3" Sport

red paddle sport stand up paddle board

red paddle compact stand up paddle board

red paddle sport stand up paddle board

Three Board Options

9'6" Compact:

A REVOLUTION IN SUP TECHNOLOGY:Red Paddle's revolutionary, patent-pending 9’6” Compact is a step forward in what an inflatable board can be – a full-sized SUP which folds down to half the size of a conventional inflatable paddle board. Based on their award-winning, all-round Ride 10’6″ MSL, the 9’6” Compact provides the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability, allowing you to make the most of any location and any conditions. Weighing in at just 8kg (board-only) and supporting riders up to 95kg/209lbs, it has never been easier to fold, roll and go on your next SUP adventure.

PACTTM TECHNOLOGY: To achieve this completely new compact board Red Paddle developed state-of-the-art trademarked technology, exclusive to the 9’6″ Compact. At the core of the board is a unique weaving process that creates an extra-high-resolution thread matrix. When combined with a super-strong but malleable outer layer and advanced quad stringer system – the result is a super-stiff board that rolls up to an ultra-small pack size.

red paddle compact stand up paddle board

FINS: The newly designed Click Fins are only available with the Compact 9’6 and use a simple click fin system making it easy to connect in place and include secondary screw for added security.  The two off set fin boxes themselves are also compatible with standard FCS fins, so you can customize the feel of your board on the water.


  • Bag Size 560mm (h) x 420mm (w) x 280mm (d)
  • Bag Volume 120 litres
  • Board Length 9’6”
  • Board Weight 7.4 kg / 16.3 lb
  • Board Width 32” / 813 mm
  • Dimensions 114 x 32 x 4.7 inches
  • Fins: Twin Click Fin System
  • Number of Riders: 1
  • Rider Weight:  Up to 95 kg / 209 lb.

10'6" Ride:

If you could only ever have one Red Paddle Co board, the Ride 10’6” is the one we’d tell you to get – it’s already the world’s most popular inflatable SUP but continues to win numerous SUP industry and consumer awards. This success is due to Red Paddle's unrivaled quality, durability and innovation, as well as the versatility of the Ride 10’6″ inflatable SUP. It’s designed to float and glide easily on flat water, and it has just the right amount of curve in the plane shape so it rides smoothly and predictably in surf, no matter what kind of rider you are. The deck pad offers comfort and grip, and practical cargo tie-downs complete an iconic package. The diamond cut rear section provides even greater grip and stability when performing step back turns or during occasional use in the surf. It comes with Red Paddle's industry leading Titan pump, allowing you to inflate your board in half the time with half the effort. Best of all: Everything packs down neatly to fit into the all terrain backpack, making transportation and storage simple.

FINS: The moulded iFin System offers a high-performance while being ultra-durable. No need for tools, spores or replacements, the iFins can take a beating and are super easy to re-shape if they get bent. 


  • Bag Size 960mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 360mm (d)
  • Bag Volume 150 litres
  • Board Length 10’6”
  • Board Weight 9.5 kg / 21.89 lb
  • Board Width 32” / 813 mm
  • Dimensions 126 x 32 x 4.7 inches
  • Fins:  Moulded iFin System
  • Number of Riders: 1
  • Rider Weight:  Up to 100 kg / 220 lb. 

11'3" Sport:

The 11’3” Sport inflatable SUP offers a step up from the Ride family and has been designed for the more experienced paddler to deliver more speed and dynamic performance (although they’re not race boards). Its secret lies in the board's sleek shape, which cuts through the water cleanly. The drawn-out nose section provides even more glide across the water. The deck pad not only provides a great cosmetic finish but also offers additional grip while paddling. The additional width of the 11’3″ Sport offers the same great stability as our 10’6″ Ride making it perfect for larger riders. It's easily inflated with the industry leading Red Paddle Co Titan pump which will have you on the water in half the time, with half the effort. Once finished paddling the board deflates quickly to be easily transported in the included All Terrain backpack.

FINS: Removable FCS US Box Fins – made by world-leading surfboard fin creators FCS – are slotted in easily by hand and tightened with a finger bolt, so no tools are required.

red paddle sport stand up paddle board


  • Bag Size 960mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 360mm (d)
  • Bag Volume 150 litres
  • Board Length 11’3”
  • Board Weight 10 kg / 22 lb
  • Board Width 32” / 813 mm
  • Dimensions 135 x 32 x 4.7 inches
  • Fins: Removable FCS US Box Fins
  • Number of Riders: 1
  • Rider Weight:  Up to 110 kg / 242 lb. 
  • Stiffening System:  RSS Battens\

Board, fins, storage bag, adjustable paddle, pump, leash and accessories kit:       Red Paddle SUPs are ready for adventure out of the box.    


9'6" Compact includes an adjustable five-piece Alloy Nylon paddle: The world’s first 5-piece paddle for ultimate transportability. Adjustable 71.25 inches to 85.82 inches / 181cm-218 cm. 10'6" Ride and 11'3" Sport include an adjustable 3-piece, alloy paddle with a nylon blade. Adjustable . 70.86 inches to 86.61 inches / 180-220cm.


9'6" Compact ships with the Compact Backpack: The most engineered SUP backpack on the planet – The COMPACT backpack has unique levels of adjustability and comfort, plus incredible shoulder and back support. 10'6" Ride and 11'3" Sport ships with the All Terrain Backpack: Take your SUP wherever you go with Red Paddle Co’s backpack. Red Paddle created an innovative backpack designed to make taking your board to the furthest corners of the Earth as easy as possible. When you’re not out exploring, it serves as the perfect storage unit too.


The world’s first purpose-built double chamber SUP pump – designed to halve the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate you board. The Dual Cylinder system combined with the Hi Flo handle allows you to put volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure.


8' Coiled Leash avoids drag caused by a trailing leash, perfect for flat-water paddling.


Essential replacement parts and spares should you ever need them. Includes a patch for the front and back of your board (6 x 6 inches / 150 x 150 mm), a valve tool and instructions – all stored in a waterproof can.

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