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Kubb Lawn Game


If you don't know, consider this your invitation to discover the world's most fun lawn game. 

Pronounced "koob," Kubb flies under the radar in comparison to its more popular cousins, cornhole and ladder golf. But for those who've played this delightful, strategic lawn game, Kubb is the pinnacle of campsite fun.

A Swedish lawn game said to have been played all the way back in the Viking ages, this Kubb set offers a unique game of strategy and skill. A simple team game that can be enjoyed by both young and old, it’s sure to bring some laughter and excitement to your campsite, or any backyard get-together. It includes 11 blocks, 4 border stakes, and 6 throwing dowels.

Solid pine game pieces. Can be played in virtually any outdoor space. Comes with storage bag.

Kubb is a lawn game where the objective is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden dowels at them. Kubb can be described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes. Play takes place on a small rectangular playing field, known as a pitch. Check out the video below for more information on how to play.

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