L-Track Mounting Plate

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Mounting Plate

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L-Track Mounting Plate


If you're using the L-Track Mounting System to bring your bike, then this is the foundation that keeps your pieces in place. Slotted holes mean you can use it with axle mounts of different widths, including the DropTop Unit we offer here at Airstream. The 3/8-inch rear holes connect securely to an L-Track via a fitting stud and four-arm knob, also available via Airstream. The L-Track Mounting Plate has a 1-inch extension to allow the axle to be mounted out front, providing easy access to the mounting hardware. It's key to a worry-free ride before your ride!


  • Mounts directly to L-Track
  • Mounting hardware NOT included
  • Made in the USA

Part of our DropTop L-Track Mounting System

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