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Dog Eating Lazy Bones Treat Up Close

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Dog Eating Lazy Bones Treat Up Close
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Lazy Bones Dog Treats
Lazy Bones CBD Sweet Potato dog treats

CBD Dog Treats


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A natural remedy

Whether calming anxious dogs or aiding in pain relief, CBD oil has become the go-to natural remedy for pet owners everywhere. Hand made in a Vermont kitchen from simple ingredients, the CBD Dog Treats from Lazy Bones are a godsend for ailing dogs, according to owners who've tried them.

Available in two flavors, the Peanut Butter treat is chock full of almond pulp, Vermont made creamy peanut butter, organic carrots, organic cinnamon, organic oats, and infused with medical grade high concentration full-spectrum CBD oil.  The Sweet Potato + Parsley is hand made with organic sweet potato, organic oat flour, nutritional yeast, organic parsley, and of course, Vermont grown full-spectrum CBD oil.

Packaged in 8 oz bags.

Suggested serving: Dogs under 35 lbs, one treat every 12 hours. Dogs over 35 lbs, two treats every 12 hours.

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The story of Lazy Bones

It begins in the commercial kitchen of a coffee shop and stars an anxious, adopted dog and his enterprising owner. Like any story about building a successful brand from the ground up, it’s a story about hard work. It’s about making products by hand during off hours, seeing opportunities where others would see only items destined for the dumpster. It a story about integrity and resourcefulness and making something out of nothing to fill a need.

As owner Linnae Horan tells it, the story begins in the kitchen of PK Coffee in Stowe.

“I was working there as a barista,” says Linnae. “You talk to people from Boston, up and down the New England coast, and they know about the almond milk at PK.”


It’s true. In a town known for great coffee, PK serves some of the best. But it’s their almond milk that garners the lion’s share of the attention. Made by blending blanched almonds with distilled water and then straining the liquid through cheesecloth, PK’s almond milk deserves the praise lauded upon it. The only problem is the amount of waste left behind.

“It’s a huge waste,” says Linnae of the dry paste left behind in the cheesecloth after all the liquid is strained out. “You can’t bake bread with it – some people try and feed it to their chickens. It’s got a high nutritional value, but that’s about it.”


Hoping to find some way to salvage what was destined for the trash bin, Linnae took some home and tried to make crackers.

“They were terrible,” she admits.

But then she had an idea – an idea that would form the foundation of her successful dog treat business, Lazy Bones Dog Treats.

“I thought if I mixed it with peanut butter, maybe the dogs would eat it,” she remembers.

While humans might turn their noses up at the baked results of Linnae’s experiment, her dogs loved the crispy, crunching little nuggets. So she kept making them in her off hours from her full time job as an athletic trainer. Her work in the athletic industry meant Linnae had lots of exposure to one of the trendiest recovery solutions on the market today.

“Everybody I know was using CBD oil,” she says. “For joint pain, muscle pain, anxiety.”

While the scientific jury has yet to return a verdict on the efficacy of CBD oil – a non-intoxicating extract from hemp and marijuana plants – anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that CBD can help with a variety of ailments. And in Vermont, the CBD oil craze has spread so thoroughly that you can purchase CBD products everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station.

“We adopted a dog – he’s a great dog,” says Linnae. “But he’s got a lot of anxiety, especially when he’s around other people or when we take him on a trip in the car.”

So, Linnae decided to experiment with putting CBD oil in her dog treats.

“We started making them for him,” she says. “It made a huge difference. People would come over and say, ‘He’s so well-behaved.’” She laughs. “We were like, ‘You should have seen him before we gave him the treats.’”

Using the almond milk byproduct from PK, local peanut butter from a company that donates 5-gallon tubs that can’t be sold because of imperfections in packaging, and CBD oil from Vermont’s woman-owned Elmore Mountain Therapeutics, Linnae has built Lazy Bones Dog Treats into a thriving small business that sells across New England. They still mix the batter, hand-scoop and bake each treat in PK Coffee’s commercial kitchen – sometimes making hundreds during their days off from their full-time jobs. Linnae hopes to build a commercial kitchen she can call her own, and possibly open a storefront to sell her treats.

For now though, she's proud to be a part of Vermont’s thriving community of women-owned businesses. And she never tires of seeing old dogs literally learning new tricks.

“I have people tell me that they have dogs that are nearing end-of-life – dogs that hardly get up except to eat, and they’ll give the dog one of my treats and he’s suddenly up chasing squirrels,” she says. “That’s pretty great.”

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