MAGMA Pizza Oven Top Bundle

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Pizza-Oven-Bundle actual
CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - on firebox
CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - pizza stone
CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - open
CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - closed
CO10-270 Pizza peel
CO10-270 pizza peel closed
CO10-270 pizza peel open (1)
CO10-295 single burner Firebox storage case open 1
CO10-291 oven top storage case open 2
CO10-291 oven top storage bag over the shoulder 2

MAGMA Pizza Oven Top Bundle

Pizza Peel
Padded Storage Case
Pizza Oven Top

Endless possibilities — it applies to both destinations and toppings when you pack the MAGMA Pizza Oven Top Bundle. Enjoy true pizza-oven quality whether tailgating in a crowd or hours from the nearest town.

The Pizza Oven accessory attaches seamlessly to the MAGMA Crossover Series Single or Double Firebox (sold separately), thanks to a non-corrosive, cast aluminum base that prevents heat distortion. With a curved upper inner liner to melt the cheese evenly and a pizza stone for a crispy crust, you won't sacrifice an ounce of taste, no matter how far you roam from Rome.

Even when you come off the trails ravenous, you can enjoy fresh pizza in a flash — this outdoor oven reaches temperatures of 700 degrees. The lid includes a thermometer for perfect heating; after eating simply lock the lid in place and secure it in the padded carrying case. Truly take your game up a slice with the included pizza peel, which folds for easy transport.

Airstreamers are a close-knit bunch, it's true, but be prepared for even more friends and fans when you make a gourmet pie out under the skies.


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