Nemo Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury Chair

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Nemo Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury Chair


Charles Messier was a French comet hunter who cataloged over 100 nebular, globular clusters, and galaxies in the late 1700s. Sitting in a rooftop observatory in Paris, Messier diligently searched the skies through his brass telescope, making meticulous notes in his observation logs about the location and appearance of what are today known as The Messier Objects.

You don't need a telescope or a rooftop observatory to get a taste of Messier's celestial hunt. The Nemo Stargaze Recliner is a super comfortable way to experience the night sky. Lean back and Nemo's unique mechanism lets you recline for the perfect view of the stars, or gently rock like you used to on grandma's porch. Whether you're watching for the telltale streak of a meteor, rocking to the beat of an impromptu campfire jam session, or just sitting and chatting by firelight, the Nemo Stargaze Recliner is the perfect camp chair.

Lean back. Look up. 

The Nemo system allows the chair to smoothly swing, so stargzing becomes as easy as leaning back in your seat. 


  • Chair swings smoothly and gently, with a relaxing motion that is designed for comfort.
  • Unlike rocking chairs, you can swing on any surface, even rocky, sandy, or uneven ground.
  • Use the auto-reclining feature to find the perfect sitting angle simply by leaning back and shifting your body weight.
  • The aircraft grade aluminum suspension frame is sturdier than most camp chairs, yet still packs down quickly and compactly.
  • The integrated no-spill cupholder keeps your beverages close at hand, and the stash pocket is sized for tablets, keys or your favorite book.
  • Non-absorbent monofilament mesh is cool and breezy, resists bacteria, withstands sun exposure, and doesn’t retain water.
  • Setup is intuitive, quick and easy, with just three steps.
  • Includes padded carrying case with interior storage pocket for easy portability.
  • Patent pending.
  • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.

The Nemo story

Every day, the Nemo team comes together in a 200-year old refurbished textile mill in Dover, New Hampshire to make the most creative, thoughtfully-designed outdoor gear in the world. Sitting four stories above a river that takes you straight to the ocean by kayak, Nemo designs and builds the kind of gear they love to use themselves.

NEMO was founded on a commitment to adventure – to the fearless pursuit of uncharted paths, in everything from the equipment they build to the way they run their business.

The idea of NEMO was born one turbulent night on the side of Mount Washington while Cam Brensinger spent a sleepless five hours in a poorly designed bivy. That night he realized how much opportunity there was for thoughtful design as part of the equation of enjoying adventure. And, coming down off the mountain the next day, he resolved to tackle that challenge. Three days after graduation from Rhode Island School of Design, he founded NEMO Equipment. The name – New England Mountain Equipment – is a tribute to the company's New England roots and home and a nod to Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo.

Cam set up operations in a restored textile mill in New Hampshire with some fellow designers and engineers, where he worked for months patterning and building prototypes of his first patent-pending airbeam-supported tents. Two years later, he launched the brand and it quickly began winning awards for design and innovation. NEMO was the overall winner of the ISPO Brand New award in 2005 and named by TIME and Popular Science as among the 100 best inventions of the year. Thus began a train of awards and PR that has only accelerated since then.

And for fifteen years as the Nemo team has grown, they continue to actively live out the belief that intelligently designed gear enables the adventures that make us all our best selves – humans who are conscious, inspired, connected and mindful. The sticker in their conference room captures that ethos: “Design Like You Give a Damn.” And Nemo does just that, driven by a mantra to never bring anything to market that doesn’t offer a meaningfully better experience than what’s already out there.

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