OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-Watt Portable Kit (Regulated) by Zamp Solar

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OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-Watt Portable Kit (Regulated) by Zamp Solar


The OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-Watt Portable Kit (Regulated) will give you the power to stay out longer on your off-the-grid adventures. Zamp's weather-resistant 15-amp charge controller is integrated into the kit to protect your Airstream's 12-volt batteries from overcharging, while also providing updates on power usage in real-time and over longer periods of time on its large digital display. Let the power of the sun top off your batteries and give you the power you need to run lights, fans, your fridge, and more while camping without shore power hookups.

Slim, lightweight, and easy to attach to most late-model Airstreams via the Zamp quick connect port, these panels are the perfect solution for Airstreamers who want to explore boondocking and get away from the grid. Simply unzip the panel, prop it up and position it in direct sunlight, and connect the cord to the solar-ready port on your Airstream's hitch and let the panel do the rest. The 15-foot cord gives you plenty of mobility to move the panel as the sun moves across the sky, ensuring your batteries are topped off when night comes.


Zamp's OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-Watt Portable Kit (Regulated) is the perfect on-the-go power solution for charging your Airstream adventure. The kit features Zamp's patented low-profile solar panel design to provide the ultimate flexibility and durability in a mobile and off-grid solar charger. Made in USA, Zamp panels are handcrafted in Bend, Oregon using premium materials and precision manufacturing techniques.

Perfect for tight storage spaces, Zamp's OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-Watt Portable Kit (Regulated)Kit features an integrated carry case that doubles as a quick-deploy adjustable stand. Slim anodized aluminum carry handle makes handling a breeze. The Tactical Carry Case utilizes an integrated storage bag to hold all the necessities and the case lays flat to maximize storage potential.

Kit Includes:

  • Patented OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-watt solar panel
  • The tactical all-weather integrated carry case quickly deploys into an adjustable stand.
  • Padded ballistic-nylon accessory pocket to house all cables, charge controller, and future upgrades.
  • All-weather ATP plugs for customizable and scalable integration.
  • Magnetically mounted 15 Amp Zamp Charge Controller
  • 15-foot portable ATP-ATP extension cable
  • ATP Fused Alligator Clamps
  • 6” ATP-SAE Adaptor
  • 25-Year Output Warranty


  • Single Kit Size:  44.5” tall x 21.75” wide x 2” thin 
  • Single Kit Weight: 23.5 lbs (Note that weights do not include cables)
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