"Passages in Past Tents" by Bayne Stevenson

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"Passages in Past Tents" by Bayne Stevenson


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Volume I
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More than a collection of emails sent to friends and colleagues tracing a trip around the U.S. in a 28-foot Airstream with three little hounds, Passages in Past Tents by Bayne Stevenson represents an extension of the American Dream. It embodies the fulfillment of a “quest” … into the hinterland, onto the mountains, off to the Pacific. It delves into the very core of what this country is all about: From the kindness of an iron monger in Glens Ferry, Idaho, to the patriotic throb of Mount Rushmore, to the nostalgic beat of Route 66. Passages in Past Tents is a fun read, puts you in tow, as well as behind the wheel, and if you happen to become transformed it might just serve as a very good and accurate travelogue in the fulfillment of your quest.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 available.

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