Colorado from Near Space by Patrick Cullis, Acrylic Print 72x24

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Cullis unframed - Colorado cropped

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Colorado from Near Space by Patrick Cullis, Acrylic Print 72x24


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72x24 acrylic facemount
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We recently profiled Colorado photographer Patrick Cullis and his quest to capture images of the Great American Eclipse in 2017 from the stratosphere. Long before his eclipse adventure, Cullis perfected his high-altitude photography techniques in the sky above Colorado. Now, Airstream Supply Company is offering this incredible 72" x 24" print of Colorado's Rocky Mountain range as seen from 100,000 feet above the surface of the earth.

Cullis unframed - Colorado

By attaching a camera to a weather balloon, Cullis is able to capture dramatic images of the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space before the balloon pops at high altitude. The camera falls back to earth on a small parachute and Cullis recovers the camera by following its GPS signal. When he attempted to get shots of the Great American Eclipse in 2017, the GPS transmitters failed and the camera was thought lost in the Wyoming wilderness. The quest to recover the camera resulted in one of the most dramatic adventure stories we've heard – read the whole story here on Airstream Supply Company.

Technical specs

This photo is presented as an acrylic face mount print. The manufacturing process begins by printing the image onto FujiFlex paper using a Lightjet printer. The worldwide standard for photographic fine art printing, FujiFlex has an almost glass-like surface resulting in a three-dimensional appearance. The image is then face mounted to 1/8" flame-polished, gallery-grade OP3 acrylic and a 3mm Sintra backing. A box frame completes the project.

Dimensions: 72" wide x 24" tall. Contact us for shipping options.

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