Pizza Oven Top for MAGMA Crossover Series

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CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - closed

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CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - closed
CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - on firebox

Pizza Oven Top for MAGMA Crossover Series


You don't have to take your Airstream to Naples, Italy, to enjoy fresh pizza cooked to perfection on a stone. You just need to pack the MAGMA Crossover Series Pizza Oven Top.

It secures perfectly to the MAGMA Single or Double Firebox (sold separately) for even heat distribution. Inside, the curved upper inner liner makes the cheese all melty, while a pizza stone crisps the crust. The Pizza Oven Top can reach 700 degrees — there's a thermometer built into the locking lid — so you can come off the trail and scoop up a slice in no time.

Whether you're headed to Naples in California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, or Utah — or you're in the middle of nowhere — you can make everyone's favorite meal.


CO10-105 brushed pizza oven - pizza stone
magma pizza oven
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