Hammock Python 15 Straps by Kammock

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AIRMKT eCom PN XXXXXX Kammok KMK-VMC_FullRes_0118-17 WEB
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Hammock Python 15 Straps by Kammock


The essential strap to secure your Kammock hammock to trees or other supports, the Python 15 feature 33 connection points per 15-foot strap in a tree-friendly design. The variable width allows the straps to securely wrap around a tree without damaging its bark. Comes in a dual Ember Orange/Granite Gray colorway.

Kammock's patented Nano Weave™ construction adds strength and dramatically decreases weight by nano-weaving each daisy chain connection into the webbing rather than using a traditional bar tack stitch. They sourced high-tenacity polyester filament and paired it with the computer-aided Nano Weave construction, resulting in an industry-leading load capacity of 500 lb per strap.


  • Patented Nano Weave™ design unlike any strap in the industry – lighter, longer, stronger
  • Holds up to 500 lb per strap
  • 33 connection points per strap for versatility
  • Lighter than ever at 11.8 oz
  • Reflective tracers for low-light visibility
  • Protects tree bark with a variable width design

Please note: Python straps are required to hang all Kammock hammocks

About Kammock

A steady resting place should never be out of reach. With the proper equipment, you can find comfort wherever your feet wander. That’s where Kammock comes in. Kammok designs technical outdoor gear to elevate your camp. Strong and versatile, Kammok gear goes everywhere you do – on the ground or in the air.

Made up of climbers, designers, cyclists, journalists, and business leaders, Kammock's motley team is united by a single passion: inviting the world into the wonder of camping off the ground. Hammock camping is the new wave of camping, and Kammock is determined to tell the world whey. Inspired by technical climbing gear and backed by Kammock's lifetime guarantee, Kammock hammocks are a modern redesign on a timeless experience, so you can hang anywhere adventure beckons.

Company Story

His first time hammock camping, Kammock founder Greg McEvilly’s sleep was interrupted by a tear in his gear and a fall to the ground. While he was captivated by the innovation of hammock camping, he was let down by the lack of quality equipment in the hammock market. Greg saw an opportunity for something greater, more durable, and more inviting.

A natural leader and champion of others, Greg founded Kammok on a mission to merge his passions for community, business, and the great outdoors. His vision was to equip and inspire life-changing adventure through high-performance hammocks that would maintain comfort and durability on the wildest of adventures. It had to be lighter, tougher, and longer lasting than the rest.

Today, Kammok is designing technical and functional hammock camping gear for every adventure. Their vision is that Kammok becomes a platform to elevate camp in every way possible, from the gear and apparel they create, to the stories of life change celebrated around the campfire.

Differentiated by clean design, high-performance fabrics, and a hunger for giving back to the people around us, Kammock inspires life-change through adventure – one hammock at a time.

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