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Rivet Kit

Rivet Case
Pop Rivet Handgun
Rivets (Pack of 50) - AD43ABS
Rivets (Pack of 50) - AD45ABS
Rivets (Pack of 50) - AD48ABS
Rivets (Pack of 50) - AD54ABSLF
Rivets (Pack of 50) - AD68ABSLF
Rivets (Pack of 50): Olympic with Washer
#10 Drill Bit
#21 Drill Bit
#30 Drill Bit

This Rivet Kit contains everything you need to make routine rivet repairs. It includes a Marson Rivet tool with 4 nose pieces (3/16”, 5/32”, 1/8”, 3/32”) and an assortment of rivets, including 50 each of the following:

  • Olympic Rivets (exterior repair rivet)
  • 1/4” head diameter rivet with 3/8” length (for interior rivet replacements)
  • 1/4" head diameter rivet with 1/2” length (for interior rivet replacements)
  • 1/8" head diameter rivet with 1/2" length (for interior rivet replacements)
  • Underbelly rivets with two different head sizes
  • Also includes drill bits, #10, #21 and #30.

Learn more about the different Airstream rivets we offer with our Rivet Guide.

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