Roadside Emergency Car Kit

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Roadside Emergency Car Kit


Airstreamers know that it's smart to be prepared. From checking your fresh-water tank to your fuel tank, you cover the bases to minimize risk and maximize adventure. That's why this emergency kit is the perfect fit for your road-trip lifestyle; an easy addition to the extra water, batteries and snacks you've stashed for whatever the big wide world might bring. Keep your worries in the rearview mirror and enjoy the road ahead instead!


  • 1 Triangular-Shaped Tote with Reflective Tape that Doubles as a Roadside Hazard Sign
  • 1 Set of Jumper Cables, (8.2-Ft L)
  • 1 15-Gauge Copper with Laminated Instructions Tag Affixed to the Cables
  • 1 Heavy-Duty Plastic Ice Scraper
  • 1 Tire-Pressure Gauge
  • 1 9-Piece Ratchet Set with Rigid Hand Driver (Socket Sizes Ranging From 3/16" to 1/2")
  • 1 Pair of Standard Slip-Joint Pliers
  • 1 Flathead Screwdriver (7-1/4")
  • 1 Phillips Screwdriver (7-1/4")
  • 1 Roll of Red Electrical Tape
  • 1 Pair of White Work Gloves, Woven Heavy-Duty Cotton Blend
  • 1 Blade-Style Automotive Fuse, (10-Amp)
  • 1 2 Blade-Style Automotive Fuse, (15-Amp)
  • 1 Blade-Style Automotive Fuse, (20-Amp)
  • 3 Insulated Ring Terminals
  • 3 Insulated Spade Terminals
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