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wolf grizzle fire set

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wolf grizzle fire set
wolf grizzly fire set in use 2
wold gizzle fire set in hand
wolf grizzly fire set in use

Fire Set Firestarter Tools


This 2-pack set of premium fire tools from Wolf and Grizzly consists of a nested ferro rod and striker with specially designed paracord to help you if there’s ever an emergency. Easily start your fire regardless of the conditions that are thrown at you. Using the knife-steel striker, scrape off the black paint from the ferro rod, prep your kindling, and strike away. It’s that easy. You’ll never go back to using wet matches or unreliable lighters again.

wolf grizzly fire set in use 2

wold gizzle fire set in hand


  • Authentic paracord ties your striker and ferro rod together so you’ll never lose them.
  • Striker and ferro rod stack together to take up less space in your bag.
  • Engineered to last 20,000 strikes, making Fire Set more sustainable than matches or lighters.
  • Consistently generates 5400°F sparks.
  • Jute is embedded inside the authentic paracord, perfect for tinder in an emergency.
  • Fire Set’s striker is made of knife steel, so you can easily sharpen it like you would any knife or multi-tool blade.

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