Sidecar Bag 'Olympic Moss'

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AIRMKT eCom PN XXXXXX Wood and Faulk Sidecar WEB

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AIRMKT eCom PN XXXXXX Wood and Faulk Sidecar WEB
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Sidecar Bag 'Olympic Moss'


A supremely useful and stylish bag made for carrying all of your daily essentials. The name sidecar speaks to its function and form: Think about the sidecar on a ’64 Vespa Gran Sport filled with bread, cheese and wine – great looking, reliable, handy, interesting, and attractive. It’s not flashy, but people are certainly going to ask you where you found such a gem. Comfortable folded handles and a shoulder strap is included with each one. One interior pocket and one large exterior pocket gives you immediate accessibility to your small goods.

Perfect for most daily items, you can load it up substantially without it feeling bulky. It's light and an easy everyday carry. Made in Portland, Oregon.

Wood&Faulk is an American designer and manufacturer of travel bags, accessories and lifestyle items headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The name references Woodrow Avenue and Faulkner Street – two roads in Wichita, Kansas where founder, Matt Pierce, honed his skills as a designer, builder and tinkerer. His creative curiosity – to see how things work, take them apart, customize and create new things – led him to start Wood&Faulk, a blog about projects and DIY culture. Derived from project experiments on the blog and items used in the workshop, Wood&Faulk has developed into a company known for timeless products inspired by its Oregon home and its Midwestern roots.

All of Wood&Faulk's products are built in the USA, many in their own workshop, located in the former Simons & Fruerberg Co. building in lower North Portland

Dimensions: 12 in wide x 10 in tall (without handles) x 6 in deep. Frame opens to 11.75 in wide x 5.75 in deep.

Materials: Water repellent cotton canvas, American tanned leather and matte nickel hardware.

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