US-made Stainless Steel Flatware Sets

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Annapolis 5pc

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Annapolis 5pc
Woodstock 5pc
Woodstock 3pc
Satin Annapolis 5pc
Satin Annapolis 3pc
Providence 5pc
Providence 3pc
Old Harbor 5pc
Old Harbor 3pc
Earth 5pc
Earth 3pc
Annapolis 3pc

US-made Stainless Steel Flatware Sets


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Select Style
Providence Flatware
Annapolis Flatware
Satin Annapolis Flatware
Woodstock Flatware
Earth Flatware
Old Harbor Flatware
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3 Piece Set x 2
3 Piece Set x 4
5 Piece Set

Stock your Airstream's drawers with US-made flatware

Perfect for use at home or in your Airstream travel trailer, the American-made quality of Liberty Flatware is undeniable. The hard working American craftspeople at Sherrill Manufacturing use only the highest quality materials: the 18/10 stainless steel in their knives, forks, and spoons will retain its attractive luster as it's passed down from generation to generation.

Liberty Flatware is made with the traditional, time-honored technique of hollow handle knife construction. The design, materials, weight, and balance are tactile indicators of a level of quality and craftsmanship you can expect every time you pick up Liberty Tabletop flatware. This is quality flatware built to last a lifetime – just like your Airstream.


6 stunning patterns to choose from:  

  • Old Harbor: A nautical anchor design for people that embody the carefree spirit of the seashore and want to bring a bit of the Coast to their tabletop!
  • Woodstock: Get groovy with these utensils celebrating the spirit of the Sixties.
  • Earth: Celebrate our beautiful blue marble with the Earth pattern, highlighting Mother Nature’s unique qualities!
  • Providence: This hammered-finish look is one of the most popular trends in modern design.
  • Annapolis: Designed with a simple but stylish teardrop shape and polished to a brilliant mirror finish.
  • Satin Annapolis: A brushed finish, adding a contemporary look to a longstanding popular shape.

Old Harbor:









Satin Annapolis:


Three quantity options:

Each flatware design is available for purchase in three different quantities:

six sets
  • 3 piece set (x2) = 6 pieces total: 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 spoons.
  • 3 piece set (x4) = 12 pieces total: 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons.
  • 5 piece set: one knife, one dinner fork, one salad fork, one place spoon, one teaspoon.

About Liberty Tabletop

Founded in 2005 by Matt Roberts and Greg Owens, Sherrill Manufacturing (which operates under the brand name Liberty Tabletop) is a manufacturer of flatware and other home goods. Liberty Tabletop is unique in that it is the only flatware maker that manufactures its products entirely in the United States of America.

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