'Star Watchers' Heritage Collection Blanket by Pendleton

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AIRMKT eCom Pendleton ZE493-53556 Star Watchers Blue F WEB

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AIRMKT eCom Pendleton ZE493-53556 Star Watchers Blue F WEB
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'Star Watchers' Heritage Collection Blanket by Pendleton


Astronomy has been practiced by Native Americans since ancient times to predict the arrival of the brightest stars. Mysterious medicine wheels in Wyoming and Canada track the rising of Aldebaran, Rigel, and Sirius. The Pawnee people of the Central Plains honored Pleiades Cluster and believed the Pole Star was a protective chief who shone highest in the night sky. Pawnee lodges and villages were planned with astronomy in mind, dedicating one corner of each village to the Evening Star. 

The 'Star Watchers' Heritage Collection Blanket by Pendleton has a thick feel that keeps you warm even on the chilliest night. Its beautiful design makes it the perfect centerpiece for any and all of your decorative endeavors. Add it to your bedding, or drape it over household furniture to add that extra warmth your home has been craving. Take that warmth wherever you go by packing it in your Airstream Travel Trailer and keep comfort in your adventure.



Keep comfort in your adventure and stay warm while watching the stars with this incredible Pendleton blanket.


  • Unnapped; felt binding.
  • 64" x 80" 
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton 
  • Fabric woven in our American mills 
  • Dry clean 
  • Made in USA


  • High quality blanket for bed furnishing or weekend camping trips
  • Wool and cotton blend is comfortable, warm, and durable
  • Felt-bound trim further enhances comfort for good sleep

The Pendleton Story

For more than 153 years, Pendleton has set the standard for American style. With six generations of family ownership, the company remains dedicated to its American heritage, authenticity and fabric craftsmanship.

Thomas Kay, a British weaver, planted the foundation of which Pendleton was built upon when he immigrated to America in 1863. Kay used his expertise in weaving to set up his own woolen mill in Salem, Oregon and his legacy lives on in Pendleton’s tweed, flannel and worsted wool apparel.

Kay’s grandsons, the three Bishop brothers, opened Pendleton Woolen Mills in the early 1900s. They joined Kay’s weaving skills with stunning Native American-inspired designs in the Pendleton Trade blanket, a benchmark for beauty and quality for over 100 years. Family-owned and operated for more than six generations, the uniquely American story of Pendleton Woolen Mills continues today. 

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