Wally Byam Around the World Caravan Poster

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Wally Byam Around the World Caravan Poster


Celebrate the magic of one of the most ambitious Airstream adventures in the company's 90-year history with this commemorative poster featuring Airstream's Around the World Caravan. A full-sized reproduction of the official map handed out to caravan members, this poster measures 18 inches by 24 inches and will look great on any wall. Unframed, the map features historic country names from the time period and includes a USA map identifying the home cities of Caravan participants.

u003cdivu003eAn Epic Adventure Around the Worldu003c/divu003e

While leading caravans through Mexico, Europe, and Africa, Wally Byam dreamed of leading the ultimate caravan – one that would circumnavigate the globe. Unfortunately, he was unable to fulfill that dream before he lost his battle with cancer in 1962. But Wally's good friend and right hand man Andy Charles had promised Wally that he'd make the dream come true. In 1963, plans were set in motion orchestrated by Helen Byam Schwamborn, Wally's cousin and organizer for Wally Byam Airstream Caravans, and in 1964 over 100 intrepid travelers set off from Singapore on an epic adventure through Asia, behind the Iron Curtain, and into Europe.

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