Beef Jerky Gift Set by Yants

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Beef Jerky Gift Set by Yants


Here at Airstream Supply Company, we love the jerky from Yants. Made down the street from Airstream headquarters in Jackson Center, Ohio, Yants produces seven delicious flavors of beef jerky. Equally perfect for fueling up while out on the trail or snacking at the office, this gift pack includes six 3.25 oz bags of their most popular flavors:


  • Southern BBQ: A mild yet invigorating combination of flavors that will have you reminiscing of neighborhood BBQs. Its rich bold finish is a nod to our southern friends.
  • Teriyaki: Salty, yet sweet. Tangy, yet savory. The perfect blend of your favorite flavors.
  • Mild: A traditional-yet-bold recipe that gives your taste buds a reason to scream for more.
  • Hot: A perfect combination of bold smoky goodness and heat-building, peppery flavor to spike the heat index.
  • Extra Hot: A jerky that comes out of the bag kicking and screaming with the sole purpose of making your taste buds scream uncle.
  • Hot & Sweet: At first taste, this recipe is innocent and harmless, treating your taste buds to a sweet jerky heaven. But if you let it simmer, Mr. Heat will eventually join the party.

For almost 20 years, Yants Snack Foods has produced small batch, hand-cut jerky in Jackson Center, Ohio. The company began as a hobby for Steve Yant, who would cure his own jerky for friends and relatives. Eventually, demand grew, and Yant turned his hobby into a fully-fledged business. Seeking retirement in 2015, Yant sold the business to Vikki Sensabaugh who today carries on the craft of cutting beef, seasoning it with house-made sauces, drying it, and packaging it for sale. The company has a reputation in west central Ohio for creating some of the tastiest beef jerkies around. Airstream Supply Company is pleased to bring this amazing jerky to a wider audience.

It starts with the best beef

"In many ways, I just wanted to keep doing what Steve had done so well," said Vikki Sensabaugh of her philosophy when she took over Yants in 2015. "I trained with Steve for about a month, and he showed me so much about how to trim the beef, which cuts are the best, and when it's ready to be packaged." Steve Yant passed away in 2018, but not before passing on the knowledge of his craft to a new generation. Vikki has kept the original six flavors Yant developed, while experimenting a bit with new flavor profiles like jalapeno. Working with her small team – just three employees in addition to herself – Vikki selects choice cuts of beef, delivered in shipments sometimes as large as 6,000 pounds.

A hand-made process

"Once you put it in the oven and put it through the drying process, one thousand pounds of beef becomes about 500 pounds of jerky," said Vikki of the process which removes the majority of moisture from the beef. With a super-sized whisk, the team mixes up the sauces (the recipes of which are a closely-guarded secret). The hand-sliced beef strips are tossed in an industrial tumbler which coats each piece with sauce. The strips are laid out (again, by hand) on drying racks which are loaded into an oven so big a full-sized person can walk inside.

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Low and slow

The beef is cooked at low temperatures, sometimes as long as three hours. When the racks come out of the oven, the team inspects the dried beef before packaging it.

"I'm looking for pieces that haven't completely dried out, or pieces that have too much fat," said Vikki as she worked her way through a tray of dried beef, tossing aside pieces that didn't make the cut. Some pieces she puts on another tray to go back in the oven for another round of drying.

The best of the batch makes its way immediately into packaging that Yants ships out to shelves across Ohio.

"I'd love to see Yants spread beyond Ohio," said Vikki. "I know we make the best product – our sauces are better than anything I've tasted out there. And people around here know us and ask for us. We have a pretty loyal following."

Yants, USDA-inspected, small-batch jerky is hand cut and made locally in Jackson Center, Ohio. The jerky gift set includes:  (1) Southern BBQ 3.25 oz, (1) Teriyaki 3.25 oz, (1) Mild 3.25 oz, (1) Hot 3.25 oz, (1) Extra Hot 3.25 oz, (1) Hot & Sweet 3.25 oz.

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