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To paraphrase a familiar Swedish phrase, there is no bad weather – just bad gear. People with experience in the outdoors know that finding the right outer layer means it’s no problem to set up your campsite in the rain. With the right coat, the temperature outdoors is a low-level priority. And with our new favorite piece of outdoor gear – the HEADSPIN Convertible Lighting System – the familiar challenges of working in the dark vanish. The HEADSPIN opens up a new world in which you can work and play.

Starting with Cree LEDs that provide variable brightness all the way up to 400 lumens, the brilliance of the HEADSPIN solution is in its innovative SPINDOCK connection. Set the light in any of the included mounts and magnets spin the connection into a secure locking position. With one-handed functionality, the HEADSPIN transforms into a flashlight, a headlamp, or a versatile rail-mounted light you can use on your bike, paddle, or anything with a tubular shape. Unsnap the light from its mount, and the internal magnets allow the HEADSPIN to quickly attach to any ferrous metal surface. Bright light, easy-to-use versatility, and a works-every-time functionality make the HEADSPIN an essential piece of gear for anyone looking to extend their daylight hours.

“Light has always been one of our most important tools,” says HEADSPIN founder Chris Grider. “Go all the way back to fire – light is a tool that allows you to do things when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.”

The stress of arriving late at the campsite, unhitching in the dark, or unloading your tow vehicle after the sun sets are familiar issues to any Airstreamer. The HEADSPIN makes all those tasks easier, with multiple ways to use it, two modes (spot or flood) and four intensity levels. Any task is easier when you can work with both hands free and plenty of light to see what you’re doing.

“Often you need light when you’re doing the things that aren’t necessarily the best part of the adventure,” says Grider of the simple, but essential tasks that are made unnecessarily difficult after dark. “The HEADSPIN plays a part in all of that. It’s very utilitarian, whether you’re using it for work or play.”


The HEADSPIN was born out of a desire to solve for solutions to the common frustrations facing anyone who’s used low-quality personal lights in the past: Lights that aren’t bright enough, mounts that don’t stay where they’re set, and multiple battery types. The majority of the personal lighting products on the market today are cheaply made, don’t last long enough to justify their cost, and can be unnecessarily complicated to use.

“Our goal was simplicity,” says Grider. “Any time you’re packing to camp or hunt or fish, there’s always a need for light. It’s always part of your packing list, but sometimes it’s a flashlight, sometimes it’s a headlamp. We wanted to cut down on the decision-making process, reduce the clutter, and create a versatile product that you could simply grab and go.”

Battery management and rechargeability was high on the HEADSPIN team’s priority list.

“You have double A, triple A, rechargeable thrown in the mix,” says Grider. “It’s rare that the different lights you have all are powered by the same type of battery.”

Removing batteries from the equation meant a more environmentally conscious product, not to mention a more lightweight solution. No more used batteries in the trash, no need to carry extra batteries, and no more searching through a pack in the dark for fresh ones.

“These days everybody has charging capability with them,” says Grider. “Whether it’s in your car dash, your Airstream’s onboard electrical system, or a power bank you’re taking along with you, there are lots of ways to recharge your devices. Combining rechargeability with versatility, meant a product you could just grab and you’re off to the races.”

The team at HEADSPIN has created one of the rarest kinds of products in the outdoor industry – one that solves multiple problems through simple design, easy-to-use functionality, and expert versatility.

“In our minds this is the beginning,” says Grider of their future plans for the HEADSPIN. “We called it a lighting system for a reason – there are many other mounts on the drawing board. We think of it as an expandable ecosystem.” We can’t wait to see where the team takes the HEADSPIN solution next.

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