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The best adventures require the best food to refuel and recharge for whatever comes tomorrow. Airstreamers everywhere love to travel far and wide, and while we may differ on the best tow vehicles, best camp furniture, and best boondocking spots, we're united by our love of outdoor cooking. Whether deep in the forest, under the shadow of a mountaintop, or a stone's throw from the crashing waves on the beach, there's simply nothing like grilling, searing, and whipping up a nutritious, delicious meal in the open air. And there's nothing like the outdoor cooking system from our friends at MAGMA.

Portable, powerful, and versatile beyond imagination, MAGMA delivers exceptional outdoor cooking with a variety of options and features to satisfy every culinary pursuit. And we've made it easy, with Airstream-exclusive bundles that make it easy to add MAGMA's top-of-the-line outdoor cooking system to your camping setup.

Shop our exclusive bundles, or assemble your own outdoor cooking system with a la carte options.

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How it Works

The core of the MAGMA system is the Crossover Series Firebox, available in a single or double burner option that works out of the box as a camp stove. Simply place any saucepan or pot on the cooking grate to cook soups, heat water, or saute vegetables.

But where the MAGMA system shines is in its versatile modular system that lets you drop any of their Crossover accessories into the Firebox and take advantage of incredible culinary options. Add the Crossover Grill Top to grill meat or veggies. Add the Crossover Pizza Oven and whip up the perfect pizza pie. The Crossover Griddle Top lets you cook eggs, bacon, sausages and more on a flat cooking surface. And the unique Crossover Plancha Top lets you sear at high heat in the center and cook at lower temps the further out from the center you locate your ingredients.

Best of all, every Crossover topper is precisely engineered for excellent cooking properties while also funneling excess grease and drippings into a grease containment system. And with incredible accessories that let you mount your Crossover Firebox to your trailer, tow vehicle hitch, or on a super-sturdy quad-pod stand, your campsite cooking setup will be next-level.

Easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to clean: MAGMA may just be the perfect outdoor kitchen system for whatever you've got cooking.

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Add Cooking Accessories

Select from a variety of modular cooking surfaces that seamlessly drop into MAGMA Fireboxes. Compatible with both Single and Double Fireboxes. All our custom bundles come with carrying cases. Pizza Oven Top Bundle comes with a carrying case and pizza peel.  

We also offer a la carte options for Crossover Tops. All Crossover Tops are compatible with both Single and Double Fireboxes, but do not come with storage cases.

Add More Accessories to Complete Your Magma Setup

Shop tailgate mounts, nesting cookware, connectors, carrying cases and more.

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